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Saturday, January 16, 2010

All about me

Welcome to nannasworkroom, Thats me. Being a person who gets bored easily I spend my time creating. Fortunately I have been blessed with the ability to do this. Married young and with 5 children I quickly learnt that it was,back then, cheaper to make their clothes, so I did. My sister and I then learnt to crochet from a book, since then I have gone on to design, write and publish 6 books of crochet patterns specifically for the Porcelain doll market. Memorable achievements, apart from my children, include teaching a little girl with fingers only on one hand to crochet, aged 8, I'll never forget the excitment and joy on her face when she realised she could. My eldest daughters wedding dress was also a challenge, I had a severly broken elbow while doing this, right arm too. It has over 3000 pearls on the skirt, a train featuring their names, a church date etc, and the skirt was 6yards around. I amazed the doctors by crocheting with my right arm in plaster fingers to shoulder. Guess I could be called stubborn. Now I'm classed as mature age, or pension age, I still crochet, still design all my own patterns. I design and write patterns for magazines. I'm also in the process of setting up a website. I love to paint, do stitcheries, knit and patchwork. I sell my designs and will upload a freeby from time to time, as well as let you know what is happening. At this point in time I'm workng on a new crochet pattern for a magazine. Living in the most beautiful part of Queensland, its easy to be inspired to create beautiful things.


  1. Congrats on your new blog. It's really a fun way to express yourself and meet other creative people.

  2. Wow! You are a busy bee. That is great! can't wait to see what you will share with us.

  3. Hello from my workroom, I'm madly trying to work out how to upload a 'freebie' so that anyone can download it for their use, So please keep a lookout for the first one. Once I can do that I will share many different patterns with all of you.I'm having lots of fun trying to get a web shop site up and running, never a dull moment in my workroom. At the same time I'm teaching a 7 year old to knit and crocheting 2 seperate new patterns, Still this sort of thing is exciting. Thanks for visiting. take care