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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"HEARTS A SKIPPING" My new project Almost finished

Hello once again, hope you are all well and happy and keeping busy. My "knee" is now progressing better and I can actually take myself out shopping, although I can't stay out for long as its difficult to wait in queues, can't stand in one place very well have to "loll" or lean on things, ha ha ha. Isn't it funny, there are just never enough places to sit and I am discovering what a hassle it is, when one requires a toilet stop as disabled facilities are really few and far between. Still I am coping much better now, Each day brings a new challenge to conquer. My new quilt however is almost finished and I am very excited with how it looks, Its so pretty and I'm sure some little girl would be thrilled to have it on her bed. As yet I haven't organised all the pattern, will work on that over the weekend. The photographs aren't all that brilliant either, I'm waiting for a lovely sunny day to photograph outside.

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