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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crochet box pattern

Materials required: Small amount mercer crochet thread no 20.and 1.50 steel crochet hook.
thin cardboard, measuring 10x5" (25x13cm's)
artificial silk flower, beads, narrow silk ribbon, approx 1yard.
Make the inside box first, so that your crochet piece can be made to fit.
 Using 1.50 crochet hook and thread, make 70ch. HINT, leave a longer starting tail than usual, this allows you to make extra stitches and adjust the size.
Row 1. Miss 3ch, 1tr in next ch, *miss 2ch, 2tr 1ch 2tr in next ch, rep from * to end, ending with miss 2ch, 2tr last ch, turn, (21shells)
Row 2. 3ch,1tr in next tr, *2tr 1ch 2tr in 1ch sp of shell, rep from to end, ending with 2tr last tr, turn
Repeat last row until 19rows have been worked or crochet is long enough to fit the inside box.
Row 20. Work into the back loop of stitches only, work as 2nd row.
Work 3 more rows in shell pattern, fasten off.
Fold crochet piece in half and sew along the sides and bottom section. Place box inside, folding the extra rows inside over box to cover cardboard.
Join crochet thread onto side seam right side facing, working through the folded section at the same time, this is easier if you take the box out.
Work row: 3ch, 1tr in tr, *2tr, 4ch slst back into 1st ch, (picot made) 2tr into 1ch sp of shell, rep from * to end, ending with 2tr, fasten off. Secure all ends of thread.
Decorate box using, silk flower, ribbon and pearl beads.

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