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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday morning at my place

Another hot steamy day, but I now have a fan in my sewing room, its turned on too, alongside me. I have about 1hr before I need to go out so I'm trying to organise pinwheel blocks for the 4th stage of my "versatility of colour" tute. Have made part 3 which is a lovely runner. Part 4, will be (hopefully) a lap quilt. However as mornings go, this is not a good one. Trying to lower my cholesterol with diet as the medication has too many side effects for me. Now I  feel sick from the new cream cheese and proactive spread I'm using yuk.
Pinwheels, oh boy one of those times when I sew, unpick, sew again exactly how I did the first time, Now guess what I'm about to unpick again. Oh well the "joys" of being a sewer. Also have another little doggie, cute one, think its a chihauha cross, ha ha can't even spell today. Have a great day whatever you are doing, chow

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