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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What are you working on?

 New stitcheries
 Knitted trauma teddies
tissue covers for handbag size tissues
My mugrug swap partner sent me one of these, so I made a few to give out to my friends on Tuesday, thanks so much Laila. I love the one you sent me.

This is what some say is a "secret" which is rubbish, I used a paper type cake doiley, placed it on a square of white fabric. Next I mixed Jo Sonja acrylic paint with textile medium and painted over the paper doiley, carefully removed it, let it dry, then ironed it on both sides, then I soaked it in cold water all day, dried it again and hey this top secret is now revealed to all. The paint is still there and does not wash off. isn't it pretty.
Hi, Are you all keeping busy? I had so many plans for keeping busy over the last few days, did some sketches for new stitcheries, had ideas for new mugrug designs and heaps more but I really haven't done much at all. Why? because I managed to get a rather severe throat infection, what a nuisance, I get annoyed with mself when I get sick. Anyway photos of some of the things I've managed to create in between laying on the couch, going to bed, making cups of tea or coffee, feeling sorry for myself, browsing online, lol, mending holes in the fence, chasing dogs that keep insisting on leaving the premises without a note, worry they will get run over. ha ha ha. Any wonder I'm sick.

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