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Saturday, March 31, 2012

holiday time

Hi everyone, well its almost countdown time, I'm of on a holiday, a cruise on the Pacific Sun, first cruise but I'm not going alone there's a group of 4, ladies similar age we are intending to have fun. Making sure that we have lots of seasick pills, plus ginger, and ear plugs in case we snore. I organised it so having first pick of the beds, the important stuff, plus first nanna nap in the afternoon. LOL, which we will probably all need as the youngest is 65 and the oldest 77. Now I'm feeling a little nervous that its getting closer, but still determined to enjoy it. If we all have a good time we intend doing a much longer cruise towards Christmas, 2 weeks to New Zealand. Anyway I will keep you all posted. take care, bye

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  1. Ooh, would be interested to read how your cruise went ;-) Am trying to talk myself and my husband into going on one ;-)