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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hope you enjoy this little bit of poetry


Who am I, why, just me of course,

Dark hair, blue eyes, short not tall,

I am, just me.

He asks, “what size are you?”

My size of course you fool

I am, just me.

“Oh dear”, he retorts that’s no good at all

Your size will not suit me,

Unfortunately you are too short

Too fat, dark hair not blonde, You, are just YOU.

Where’s my dreamboat, my fantasy, it’s not you.

I want tall not short, thin not fat,

Long blonde hair not short dark brown.

You, are just you.

Where’s Elle or Meg Ryan, that’s whi I dream and long for.

You, are, just you.

I look across at him,

“Oh my dear you will not do”,

“You are, too old by far, too thin, too tall

and my goodness no hair at all,

You are just you, Where’s John Wayne or Brad Pitt

I do declare

You are just you,

Gone is my fantasy, my lifelong dream,

“oh dear, you will not do”,

We sit together, drink our tea

Trying to accept reality,

It’s just you and me

We are just us two,

Two normal people you and me,

Isn’t it grand,

I am, just me.

You are just you,

Have you got my phone number?

Brrrr, Hi, its just me.

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