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Thursday, March 22, 2012


What a hectic time its been since I last posted here. My mother is 92 on the 12th April, sadly my sister and I are unable to care for her at home so she has gone into a nursing home. A most dreadful situation really but unavoidable as she now needs so much nursing care. Fortunately the nursing home is only a few minutes drive from where I live so I can visit often, now down to 4 days a week. U3A also arrived in town, fabulous, for those who dont know what U3A stands for, Its University of the 3rd age. or politely university for oldies.
So much fun, I tutor 2 classes a week, and attend 1 class as a student, hopefully I will also be tutoring a quilting class from May. I'm busy preparing space and a program for that. As well as U3A, I belong to the Caboolture Artisans Guild, so work voluntary with them too. I still volutary look after and rehouse, homeless and rescued lttle dogs, I have 2 here looking for new owners. All of this 'work' is voluntary and I love it. The new friends I've made are just wonderful, what a bonus. My sister, (twin) and I along with 2 friends are of on our first cruise on the 15th April, oldest 77 youngest 65 we are going to have so much fun, well we are planning on having fun IF we dont get sea sick. LOL, first cruise short one, only for a week, we decided that if we survive this one we will tackle  a New Zealand 14 day cruise later on in the year. Think I'm a little bit nervous. Will let you know how we get on. I'm about to show a friend from U3A, how to blog so that she can start one for U3A, later on I will show other members how its done. I love it but circumstances stop me some times from getting on here.Take care everyone, love and hugs.

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