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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hello everyone, isn't the year getting of to a flying start. soon be Easter and then Christmas. I'm already thinking of new Christmas designs and things.I have had the busiest weekend probably "working" in excess of 15 hours on a new creation, which has been quite difficult to get together, I'm hoping that today it will all come together in between other chores I really have to get done. BRB< heres the garbage man. Sorry but around here I'm "it" as I live by myself, whoops I need to clarify that I am the only human in my house but I live with 2 cute little dogs. Misty is a mini-foxie and her mate Jackson is a shitzue. Jack suffers greatly from seperation anxiety and where I go in the house he goes, so frequently gets stepped on, tripped over, caught under my office chair etc. Right now hes under the chair. As soon as I can organise this site exactly as I want it, I will post photos of all of us living here. Tomorrow I'm expecting my youngest daughter for a couple of days so hopefully she will organise this for me.

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