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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have just purchased a gorgeous piece of country style fabric. Boy, sometimes I think its easy to tell I'm the only "human" in my house when a piece of fabric makes me excited and enthused, LOL. From my half metre of fabric, I bought it to share with my sister. I have plans to create at least 4 different things. The patterns have to be simple, suitable for a patchwork beginner, (thats my sister) and attractive. So for the next few days I'm going to be having so much fun, creating, making a shemozzle and just enjoying myself. I'm on a 24hour hospital cancellation call up, so need to organise heaps of "to do" projects while I'm convalescing. Lots of embroidery,applique, new sketchbook to take with me. I get cranky if I just have to sit all day and have nothing to do. Dont you feel so blessed,so grateful sometimes that you have been allowed to "have" a creative gene. Approaching the latter part of my life, I'm discovering that life is more exciting, maybe a bit more challenging health wise, but still exciting because I have reatively good eyesight and a vivid imagination, a creative gene, which I'm very proud off, and which I love to use and challenge. Really all I need now is a lovely man to keep me company and life would be absolutly perfect. Anyway stay tuned as my new patterns and projects will be available for you too.


  1. Good luck with findng that lovely man:>))

  2. Lulu, Thank you so much, when I read your comment I did the "ohhh" sigh, it was so unexpected. thank you