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Monday, March 15, 2010


The sun is trying to shine here in "sunny Queensland" but its also been raining again. this is very strange weather for us, we have had rain all through February and now into March. I love listening to the rain on the roof at night time but I have a tiled roof, lol so dont hear much.
Have you ever started a project to find another idea keeps taking over, well thats happening to me at the moment and unless I work on "idea 2", I'm not going to be able to complete "idea 1". At times this can be an inconvenience because I may not have all the materials for "idea 2" where I have for "idea 1". LOL, can you understand this. So today I need to go shopping for the materials I need to complete "idea 2". If I dont I will be pacing the floor unable to settle and totally unable to work on my first project.
Still "idea 2" is more exciting and will take longer for me to put together, it was supposed to be, sitting until after my hospital trip to give me something to do, (my sister tells me I'm cranky when I'm bored), but I gave in and started working on it last night. See how "weak" I am can't resist temptation. Take care Jean

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  1. haha Jean, idea 2 is just too strong to resist so go with it...
    Nan in Vancouver