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Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello from Caboolture, this morning I woke to the sounds of rain, lol, theres now a cyclone off the north coast and although its a long way north of where I live, because I'm close to the coast we will probably get wind and rain from it. Still its great "working" weather.
I'm having a fantastic time designing and assembling a "new" creation, this one is designed for a little girl or maybe a wall hanging. The full pattern will be available when finished, however I'm also going to put the directions on here, section by section as I create it.
STEP 1. For this you need 36, 5" charm squares, lay them out into 6 rows of 6 squares. When you arre happy with the placement, sew them into 6 rows, Press seams. Use soft pastel charm squares, I used a Moda pack and added an extra 3 of my own as the pack only had 33 squares. NOTE.  Be aware that the squares may be slightly smaller than 5" as mine are, thats disappointing as it will alter the overall measurements for fitting together.
STEP 2. This can be omitted. Select 2 or 3 cordinating scraps, 3/4" x2/3", iron vliesofix onto the wrong side, then draw a few heart shapes onto the paper, cut around shapes, randomly place them onto a few of your charm squares, I made 7, When happy remove backing paper and iron in place. Using embrodery thread  blanket stitch around each one, or  sew using close machine zig-zag, I prefer to hand sew, takes longer keeps me busier.
STEP 3. Lay the 6 completed rows out until you the placement, then sew together to form a square, press all seams.
NOTE, this project is idea for a quilt as you go project. I will upload a photo soon of the centre.

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  1. I'll keep this design in mind, sounds like a quick fix.
    Nan in Vancouver.