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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well what an unexpected turn of events. I spent all day yesterday at Prince Charles Hospital having what is now known as "my pre-op". Tiring, frustrating and boring but a necessity nowadays. My surgery is next week, 1st April. Its nothing life threatening etc, having knee replacement. Not looking forward to it but I have been putting it off 20years, so I guess its time. I will be cranky if I cant get back to my stitching and sewing when I get home. lol. One good thing I will be able to walk around quilt shows and craft shows for longer afterwards so that will be a positive. Sadly I'm missing the Craft Expo on this weekend. Today the sun is shining so it would have been lovely going on the train to the show but oh well just have to stop thinking about what I'm missing and get working on my new design lap quilt for all of you.

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