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Friday, February 25, 2011


What a disappointment to find that some of  my fabrics are not the proper measurements. My recent online purchases which are yards, a couple of them are measuring at 35&1/2" rather than 36" which is what I thought a yard actually measured. A few half metre lengths are also measuring slightly less. I know, its probably hardly worth while bothering about, but think about it over a group of 10 different fabrics you could be loosing 5" of usable fabric. In future I will measure them immediately I receive them or get them home after shopping. Am I too picky??????????


  1. I would be too chicken to do or say anything to the company. But, I am SO THANKFUL for people like you, who actually DO measure their fabric, and *hopefully* call and inform the company of their error. The company should be aware of such errors and fix their mistakes.... your call or letter could help the rest of us out in the future so we receive our full order..
    I say go for it. . (please)
    haha =cD

  2. go for it you should get what you pay for

  3. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate the encouragement