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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Finished pinwheel Quilt.

Well I have finally finished the lap quilt I designed for the "Versatility of Colour" tute. Think I'll call it "Pinwheel Surprise", its bright, colourful and all the colours work so well. The centre pinwheels are diagonally ditched stitched, the outer border strip, that is the wider green strip is randomly quilted. of course if you are an expert quilter you could randomly quilt the whole top, its a personal choice really. I am not an experienced quilter, I don't even like doing the quilting bit, my forte, my experience is in designing and thinking up new and fun patterns. This I've been doing for over 40years now, gosh isn't that scary. I wish I could afford to send my completed tops of to a professional quilter but unfortunately limited income doesn't allow that. Anyway hope you like the "Pinwheel Surprise" pattern It is available free to download so check it out.

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